Why Does the System Work?
I would like to offer some insight into the techniques that you will be using to make these profits. You will of course receive the complete details of the techniques at the workshop. Stage 1 of the Analysis The market data is sampled to test for price levels that have a a very high probability of reversing the trend using quantitative analysis. You don't have to worry about any of the maths, it is all done for you. Trends may be reversed by a number of closely correlated factors or sometimes by one very powerful factor. Either way you need to know these key levels in advance. You also need to know the following 1. Is the price reversal level steady or are you going to have to change your strategy with time? 2. Is the probability of a trend reversal getting stronger as time moves on or is it getting weaker? 3. When a trend reversal takes place will it be minor or major? 4. How safe is it for you to trade against the trend? 5 . Has something happened that could signal extra major profits for you? By using the correct data samples, relating to natural harmonics that markets create, it is possible for you to answer the above questions but without the hassle of making the calculations as these are done for you. There is a DNA quality to this as it repeats over and over again, in market after market. This allows my clients to successfully day trade, swing trade or if they wish, invest for the longer term. You now have the opportunity of joining these successful traders  Please note: Workshop places will normally be strictly limited to a maximum of 12 per year Stage 2 of the Analysis Then we add a few more techniques. This time we search the internal dynamics that are created as markets move. Hidden in this data are the future targets that we will use to successfully trade from. Again there is very little for you to do as this information will be displayed on your trading screen. Economists argue, incorrectly, that the market has no memory. We use the information, that they fail to see, to predict the future moves. The problem is that decoding the market DNA that predicts the future price action is only possible if you know the mathematics behind it. I have discovered how the patterns unfold and how you can use them to rapidly increase your profits. With the calculation on your screen it can take 30 seconds to identify the key levels you need. How do I know that I am right? Because I have watched the market unfold as predicted, second by second, day by day, week by week for many years using these methods. This predicted price action has also been confirmed by my clients who have made profits and returns on capital that City fund managers only dream of. Why haven't other people spotted this? Mainly because we use information and data that other people discard. Using these methods we not only have the chance to climb on board the trends with low risk trades, we also have the chance to trade the counter trends with great accuracy. Some of these counter trends can move very fast in your direction inside a few minutes. Profits of £300 to £500 in a matter of minutes are fairly common while trades with profits of £1,000 to £2,000 in a couple of minutes are less frequent but not rare. These profits are being made by part time traders running moderate sized positions, not professionals running large positions. Remember- No Theoretical Back Testing This is a Successful System that has been Used for Over 18 years with Real Money
Malcolm Blazey F.S.T.A. C.F.Te.
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