There is only one time when you should trade and that is when you know more than the others
“Rocket Science” Made Easy Finding Key Price Levels couldn’t be simpler. 1. They are shown on your Price Chart 2. They are all Colour Coded for Easy Identification You will have a very advanced and very powerful system to trade with. No hidden features. Everything is fully disclosed and you have full control. No need for you to do any programming. There is plug-in code available for most major techncial analysis packages.
Total Control in Your Own Hands To make constitant profits you have to know the real risk that you are taking. With these methods you can evaluate this quickly as you can see where the market is trading in relationship to the short and long term price movements. Being short in a strong downtrend is high risk if the probability is that the next move is sharply up. You need to be able to evaluate the real risk that you are holding.   You can then pick the trades that suit you. The system is not dependant on a few large profitable trades, so missing trades doesn’t matter. Also being  on holiday doesn’t matter, so you can go away and enjoy spending your profits.        
What we are after is a very high percentage of winners. Day after day. Week after week. Month after Month You are being provided with very high quality information which allows you to make excellent decisions about when and where you should enter your trades. The underlying methodology is based on quantitative mathematics, probability theory and physics but all you need to know is what to look at and this is displayed on your charts. In the City of London, as well as being a senior trader, I was Assistant Director of Quantitative Research for one of the highest rated European banks. I know what works and what doesn't. Are You Getting This Key Information Now? Where is the next turning point likely to be and when will it come, so you can place a low risk trade? If the current trend has stalled, how far is the reversal likely to move the market? Is this the start of a much bigger trend that other traders haven't noticed yet? Should you trade with this trend or is this move just One Big Trap? How long is it safe to buck the current trend, and where is your target for taking profits? Where are those trades where you can take profits in minutes? To make extraordinary profits You need extraordinary information This is how I won First Prize in the FinSpreads Forecasting Competition. Not once but four times.  I had that extraordinary information that you could have.
Malcolm Blazey F.S.T.A. C.F.Te.
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