Q. Do you have either a track record or backtested results to prove that this system works? A. This is not a black box (a system with hidden details) and it doesn't produce only one type of trade. This means that if we took 10 of our clients they could trade 10 different ways and all make money. None of our results are theoretical. They have all been traded with real money by many clients as well as the system being used successfully in the City of London for the Treasury departments of major international banks. The banks no longer have access to the system, something that they almost certainly regret. The fact that I meet clients many years after I have taught them and they are still happily using the system proves that it works.  Q. If the system is so good why are you selling it? A. Trading the markets has given me a great lifestyle. Lots of fun and quite enough money to have great holidays, nice cars and a mortgage free comfortable life. I decided to let others share the advantage that I have had but I wasn't prepared to give it to "The Boys in the City". Trading on your own can be a lonely business and especially for me as I tend not to talk to many other traders. Running the workshops gives me a chance to get out of the office, teach others and meet like minded traders. I initially sold some workshops to also provide some extra funds to support my children through Oxford University, which is not cheap. During this time I found that I really enjoyed running the workshops. The number of workshops that are offered is so severely limited that they do not hinder either my trading or that of any of the clients and can easily make a substantial increase in profits for the people who attend. Q. Isn't this just another "Get rich quick scheme"? A. Absolutely not. There are no artificial magical promises. This is about trading as a business (albeit maybe your second or third business). It will be real work. You can trade the entire day if you wish or for less than an hour a day. It is up to you. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it. So if you are looking for a "Millionaire by next Wednesday Scheme", this isn't it. This is about achieving outstanding (100%+ p. a.) returns if you work at it. Q. Why should I "work" at it when I can buy a "robot" package that will do everything for me? A.The problem with automated systems (and especially so called robots) is that they don't know what is likely to happen next. They cannot adjust quickly enough to changing market dynamics and many have the seeds of their own, and more importantly your, financial destruction built into them. They work on probability but that probability only works in your favour if the probabilty spectrum remains stable, which it never does. It might in the short term and even the medium term but rarely do you find one with long term stability. Even the famous Turtles expect 30% drawdowns and a minimum three year cycle to be profitable. The ones that "guarantee" profits every month, with multiple trades per day, are the most likely to blow up. When they do they will take you with them. The reason for this is that hidden within the market dynamics there are a series of ever changing points that makes everything that works in your favour change and work against you. Not only that, it can work against you much much faster than it ever worked in your favour. Backtesting systems doesn't help because the market makes the very thing that looks profitable become the trap that will catch you. In some cases, even having stop loss orders will not save you. You have to know why this is possible and what to look for to protect yourself. My clients have that information. Q. Do I have to buy or lease extra software from you? A. No. You will need to provide a normal technical analysis system like CQG, eSignal or NinjaTrader. I will provide you with the computer code that creates the price overlays on the price charts produce by these systems. That is all part of the package. It normally takes about 5 minutes to load the code and be up and running. This can be done on packages costing as little as £30 per month for delayed data although live data will cost you more. Q. Other than the workshop fee, what are your other charges ( Annual subscription fees, leasing costs etc) A. None. It is a one-off payment unless you wanted extra one-to-one tuition or specific consultancy work. Day to day queries are all answered as part of the original workshop package. There are no catches, no premium rate numbers, and I have been providing this service for the past 14 years from the same UK address. Q. How long after the workshop will support be provided. A. There is no fixed time limit. If my very first client rang me up I would still provide support. I can't guarantee that it will go on for ever but I have no intention of ending it in the foreseeable future. I do not expect you to fully understand everything immediately after the workshop. It takes a while to sink in. It is not that complex but it is a different way of viewing markets. I normally answer all queries within 24 hours of receiving them. often within an hour or so. If I am not busy trading I will explain any query over the phone (as I mentioned, no premium lines, just a normal phone call).
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Malcolm Blazey F.S.T.A. C.F.Te.
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