Malcolm Blazey is a current Fellow and former Deputy Chairman of the Society of Technical Analysts, a professional trader and analyst with over 40 years experience, mainly with leading financial institutions in the U.K. Continental Europe and the Middle East. He was the winner of the Financial Forecasting Grand Prix, organised by a group of London fund managers, and has also won the Financial Spreads Forecasting competition on four separate occasions over a period of a few months. The first competition involved forecasting 18 different markets, one year in advance. In the Financial Spreads competitions Malcolm forecast the closing Sterling/Dollar exchange rate, to an accuracy of 0.0001, the German DAX Index (accurate to within 0.4 of a point) and the French CAC 40 index (accurate to within 0.11 of a point). The last win was a forecast about the U.K. budget. It was a bit of fun but as a challenge Malcolm used forecasting techniques rather than just guess. Once again it was proved that with the correct research, prediction is possible. Malcolm Blazey F.S.T.A  C.F.Te. Besides heading two international dealing operations, Malcolm was Assistant Director of Quantitative Research in the International Equities Division for a major European Bank in the City of London before setting up his own trading and consultancy company. He has been a very active Futures and Options trader, managing portfolios for major banks within the United Kingdom, as well as successfully trading Foreign Exchange and Money Markets for many years. He has had several articles published on investment and trading techniques, as well as being the guest speaker at investment workshops both in Europe and the United States. Malcolm is one of the most highly qualified and experienced technical traders in the United Kingdom and was exempted from the Securities and Futures Authority examinations on the grounds of his known expertise and professional standing within the financial community. For many years he has been developing and using a number of highly powerful analytical systems to enhance investment performance, including Artificial Intelligence and more recently Genetic Programming. His vast experience as a professional trader and advanced research analyst, will give you an unprecedented opportunity to learn how to make substantial trading profits for yourself.
Malcolm Blazey F.S.T.A. C.F.Te.
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