About TradingSkills TradingSkills (TradingSkills.Com) is located in Suffolk, England and started teaching traders in late 1999, initially on weekend workshops.  It was soon realised that traders would get far more out of the workshops if they had the opportunity to be taught on a personal one to one basis, and since 2001 this type of workshop has been offered. The workshops offered by TradingSkills are taught solely by Malcolm Blazey. There is no connection between Malcolm Blazey and the company or person behind that company that attempted to operate from Glasgow around 2001 under the name of TradingSkills or TradingSkills.co.uk. at that time. The domain name Tradingskills.co.uk was later acquired by Malcolm Blazey. The original TradingSkills (that's us) now uses the following websites. Tradingskills.com, Tradingskills.co.uk and Tradingskills.plus.com. TradingSkills was set up with the intention of teaching a relatively small number of traders a very specialised and highly successful method of trading. By having a small number of clients the intention is that Malcolm Blazey can stay in touch with each client on an individual basis if they so wish.    
Malcolm Blazey F.S.T.A. C.F.Te.
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